The Best NYC Rooftop Photo and Video Studio

Colliton Studio is a premiere photography studio and production space located in the heart of Chelsea, New York. The multi-level outdoor space consists of 5 separate rooftops spanning approximately 4,000 square feet and offers the best 360 degree views of the New York City Skyline. As well as an additional 1,500 square foot indoor studio space.

This one of a kind NYC shooting location is used by world renowned photographers, production companies and is the top choice for the worlds most iconic fashion and beauty brands.

Studio Amenities:

 The interior of the studio has 1500 square feet of space with nine-foot ceilings and windows to the south and west. If unusual interiors are required, the studio also has a water tank room, an elevator motor room, a back staircase and a balcony with a wrought iron railing. The studio is fully equipped with backdrops and all of the grip that goes with them. 

• 5 Windows to the South
• 4 Windows to the West
• All white walls High ceilings
• Full bathroom with shower
• Makeup Table and Mirror
• Stools, Couch, Round Table, Chairs
• Free Wifi
• Landline
• Air Conditioning

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